True, Bongbong Marcos cannot be made to account for his father’s sins. He is just the son. He was a kid when his father imposed a corrupt and brutal dictatorship over the country. It is not his fault to be the son of Ferdinand and Imelda and to have grown up so used to the trappings of absolute power and shielded from the realities of ordinary Filipino lives.

But he is accountable for many other things. Let me count the ways:

  1. Agreeing to and taking part in his father’s corruption, human rights atrocities and other abuses when his family was in power.
  2. His continuing cover-up of his family’s ill-gotten wealth and complicity in various schemes to rob the Filipino people.
  3. His continued enjoyment of such wealth and its use to keep his family in power.
  4. His continued denial, despite facts, historical accounts and official documents, of the atrocities of his parent’s conjugal dictatorship.
  5. His insistence that his father’s decision to impose martial law and one-man rule was correct and that the Philippines never had it so good during this period.
  6. His lying about his Oxford degree.

Miriam Defensor Santiago might be ready to forget all these and move on. Eh di wow.

But not me. And hopefully, not the millions of Filipinos who don’t want another Marcos dictatorship.#


19 thoughts on “My beef with Bongbong Marcos

  1. The “E di wow” says it all… very unintellectual use of word. So if Bongbong apologize to all of the above mention, will the Philippines rise from 3rd to 1st world?

    • Sure! Basta ba ibalik nila yung kinulimbat nila eh. Pucha. Ako ipinanganak na may utang sa world bank. Ikaw rin siguro. Pero hindi ko alam kung bakit okay lang sa iyo yun.

    • Para namang tour comment is intelligent… the ‘e di wow” comment should not be taken in context but as a formnof expression which is popular now.. galing mo boy.. e di wow..

  2. how the hell you would know he will be a dictator? you mean to say the other candidates cannot become a dictator if elected??? such a bias opinion

  3. What if Mr. Marcos and Mrs. Defensor win the election…picture this, we still dont know the actual medical health condition of Mrs. Santiago and in worst case scenario… Mr. Marcos will eventually become our President… no sweat huh…

  4. I don’t agree to some of your tweet Filipinos need sometimes to dictate to them kc para tayo mga bata na kailangan lagunacheck ng magulang na dinifiktahan tayo dahil ang karamihan sa atin abusado Kung sobra bait ang lider Kaya nga kailangan natin si mayor duterte dito dahil Hindi Kaya ng mag Ina Aquino na ituwid ang daan

  5. I hope the new generation will realize the atrocities of the Marcos regime and the not so new generation will recall how fearful it was once it gets dark and not all family members were home yet…
    I am sorry, it is not only sorry that Bongbong should do. He should say sorry and give back what they stole from our coffer and maybe it is possible that we could be one of the richest country in the world with all the gold and money they stole.

  6. How come n naging dictator si Pres. Marcos eh sa loob ng 20years halos nagkaroon ng 15 beses n election? Kapag dictator ang namumuno, walang election maliban n lang ay iapppoint ka ng pinuno, saka ka lang magkakaroon ng position s gobyerno.. Hahhaa halatang DEMOLITION JOB ito against laban kay BBM. Si BBM ang tatakbo pero pilit niong pinapasok ang yumao niang ama. Hahaha..

    • you can ask your father or your lolo what really happened during marcos time. don’t be so blinded by your arrogance. we have a saying “kung ano ang puno siya rin ang bunga”. meaning he grew up thinking that what his father did was right. it’s evident in his continued justifications on his father’s wrongdoings.

      lucky for you, you didn’t suffer those grueling years when you are not sure you will live the next day.

  7. what we need is a foreign country to run the elections – these candidates that has money and dishonest are not worried of winning by “votes”, computerized results are done with those that can pay.
    Who is running COMELEC?

  8. Alan page, don’t you realize that the elections that were conducted were rigged, just a show-off that he allegedly had the support of the people? Don’t be so naive. Do your research! 20 years were not even enough, there was still an election in 1986, a futile attempt to extend his term, a very obvious show of greed for power. Isn’ t it obvious?

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