In keeping with our quest for truth and accountability on the Mamasapano incident, here are the 20 questions to the President posed by the Makabayan bloc which I modified into a multiple choice format for the President’s convenience. With this easy to answer questionnaire, there should be no reason for the President not to answer.

By the way, I added a 21st question to complete the list.

  1. Why did you authorize or allow the participation of then PNP chief Alan Purisima in Oplan Exodus even though you were fully aware that he was already suspended at that time?

a. Because he was the most knowledgeable about the plan and anyway, he was just giving advice.
b. Because he is my best friend forever. I trust him with my life.
c. Because I was unaware that it is prohibited under the law.
d. Because between the law and my friends, the latter prevails.

  1. If Purisima were only an “expert adviser,” why did you say that you ordered him to coordinate with (the PNP officer in charge, Deputy Director General Leonardo) Espina, and AFP Chief of Staff [Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang Jr.] and that he did not follow [your] order?

a. I did not order him to coordinate pala. I merely told him to advice them.
b. Because I thought Purisima could coordinate the operation even if he was suspended.
c. No, no, no. What I meant was Napeñas. Siya dapat nag-coordinate. Adviser lang si Purisima, remember?
d. Because Purisima was not just an adviser but actually oversaw the whole operation.

  1. Why didn’t you, as the Commander in Chief, direct Espina and Catapang to support the SAF, instead of delegating the task to a suspended official?

a. I was too busy playing Dota with Josh.
b. I already told Purisima to do it. He should have followed my order, este, advice, este, instruction. Whatever.
c. I was too busy texting Pia and Kris.
d. Because this was Purisima’s show and he told me he didn’t want Espina or Catapang on it.

  1. When you let a suspended official head an operation, received reports from him, and ordered SAF Director Napeñas to report to him, did you not violate the chain of command?

a. What chain of command?
b. I did not violate anything. I was exercising my prerogative as commander in chief… ooops, as chief executive pala (wala nga palang chain of command sabi ni Leila).
c. Purisima did not head the operation. He was just giving advice. Si Napeñas ang tatanga-tanga.
d. Yes I did. So what? Mission accomplished naman, di ba?

  1. Did you not violate the suspension order issued by the Ombudsman against Purisima when you allowed [him] to head the operation?

a. No I did not. Sinabi nang adviser lang si Purisima, eh. Ang kulit n’yo.
b. But I didn’t know it was prohibited under the law.
c. Yes I did but it was for the greater good since Marwan is now dead.
d. Yes I did but I appointed the Ombudsman, remember?

  1. What did you and Purisima talk about during the Jan. 9 meeting at Bahay Pangarap, after Napeñas left and before Purisima told Napeñas, “Inform the two (referring to Interior Secretary Mar Roxas and Espina) when the mission is already under way. I’ll take care of Catapang”?

a. Wala lang. His mansion in Nueva Ecija, his Land Cruiser. The good old days.
b. About how Oplan Exodus will make him pogi.
c. Nag-chongki kami. Tig-isang stick lang.
d. That it’s his call and he can do whatever he thinks is right to make it happen.

  1. How many times did you text Purisima and other officials about the operation in Mamasapano? What are the contents of these messages? Was there an instance that you made voice calls to Purisima and other officials on the matter?

a. After the initial texts in the morning, I did not text or call Purisima or anyone else about the operation for the next 11 hours. Pexman!
b. I use postpaid. Hindi ako nagbibilang ng text at call.
c. I was too busy doing photo-ops in Zamboanga.
d. Too many to count. But that’s executive privilege.

  1. You said that you were irked at Purisima because you could not make sense of his conflicting texts. Why did you not call him to clarify matters? Why did you not call other officials to know what was happening?

a. Eh kasi nga I was so dismayado! Ayaw ko nang ma-stress.
b. I was so dyahe to tell Mar, Espina and Catapang.
c. It was not in my schedule.
d. Actually we were calling and texting each other furiously but I’m not telling you. Executive privilege.

  1. You were aware of the probability of “pintakasi,” that the SAF troopers will be attacked by any and all armed locals in the area. Why did you not order coordination with the Coordinating Committee on the Cessation of Hostilities (CCCH) even just hours before the operation was launched?

a. Sinabi nang I ordered Purisima to coordinate. Hindi ka ba nakinig sa speech ko?
b. No need to coordinate since this was a police matter involving a high value target.
c. Because Napeñas’ plan was brilliant; pati nga phases of the moon nasa powerpoint niya. Malay ko bang binobola lang ako?
d. Because between the Bangsamoro peace process and making the Americans happy (as well as making me and Purisima look good), the latter was more important.

  1. Were you not informed in the morning that the 55th Speical Action Company (SAC) was being engaged in an encounter?

a. Yes but I thought it wasn’t urgent because I was sobrang misled by Purisima (who, just to be clear, was just an adviser, ha).
b. Akala ko tumama lang sila sa bingo.
c. I was not informed! I was not informed!
d. Yes I was. But all I cared about was why they didn’t get Usman and the other terrorist as well. Ang hina naman nila.

  1. The WesMinCom commander, (Lt. Gen. Rustico) Guerrero, testified that you were getting updates throughout the day at his headquarters in Zamboanga. Who were the officials updating you and what was the information they gave you?

a. It was Alan who kept me updated from his Nueva Ecija rest house. Pero binobola niya lang pala ako.
b. Si Pia at Kris ang ka-text ko nun.
c. I wasn’t listening. Sobrang asar ko na kasi nun.
d. AFP and PNP officials kept updating me but they didn’t know the whole picture. Since I couldn’t tell them that Alan and I were on top of the operation, nagmaang-maangan na lang ako.

  1. What were your orders to Guerrero or Catapang, if there were any?

a. Do everything you can, use artillery and air support, to help our poor, trapped SAF teams (hikbi!).
b. Chicharong bulaklak and a bowl of lomi.
c. Try your best and let God do the rest.
d. Stand down to save the peace process.

  1. Were you aware that the CCCH was working toward a ceasefire in the middle of the fighting?  When were you informed of this? Did you give any guidance in consideration of the peace talks with the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front)?

a. Of course! It was Ging (Deles) who texted me about it. Sabi ko. ayos.
b. What’s the CCCH nga ulit?
c. Purisima texted me about it. Sabi ko walanghiya ka, pinahamak mo pati Nobel Peace Prize ko!
d. Yes. By that time the fighting could not be stopped. I said any rescue should not imperil the peace process with the MILF.

  1. Did you give any orders to stand down?  Did you not give orders to Catapang or (6th Infantry Division commander Maj. Gen. Edmundo) Pangilinan or to both of them not to fire the artillery in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, where the 55th SAC was engaged with the MILF and other armed locals in consideration of the peace talks with the MILF?

a. Ganito yun, nakatayo silang lahat. Sabi ko stand down. Ibig ko sabihin, umupo kayo.
b. I ordered Purisima to bombard the area. Hindi nanaman sinunod.
c. I ordered Catapang to come in with bombs and aircraft to rescue our SAF.
d. I thought Purisima and Napeñas had coordinated with the AFP time on target, so I did not interfere until late in the day when I ordered a rescue on a best effort basis in consideration of the MILF peace agreement.

  1. Why was there no air support during the Mamasapano operation?

a. Wala sa plano ni Napeñas. Tanga talaga.
b. Walang pang-gas.
c. Natakot baka bumagsak tulad ng ibang second hand na galing sa US.
d. Because all available air assets were protecting me in Zamboanga.

  1. What can you say about Napeñas’ statement that you left them in the lurch and that this is the highest form of betrayal?

a. Gago.
b. Tanga.
c. Sila ni Purisima ang nanloko sa akin.
d. Unlike me, Napeñas is evading his accountability.

  1. Why did you lie in your first speech on Jan. 28 about the involvement of Purisima during the period of his suspension?

a. Hindi pa gawa yung script.
b. That was not a lie. It was a white lie.
c. What speech?
d. Because I knew that if I told the truth, ipapa-impeach nanaman ako ng Makabayan bloc.

  1. Why did you allow US intervention—from the planning, funding, training, ISR, and during the very conduct of the operation and the subsequent evacuation, as is obvious from the presence of six Americans at the tactical command post?

a. I did not allow it. Sila itong mapilit.
b. Si Napeñas ang may kasalanan. Tatanga-tanga.
c. Marwan was their target. I said if you want him, go get them yourselves.
d. That is part of our strategic alliance against global terrorism.

  1. What is your legal basis for allowing this intervention by the US military in a PNP law enforcement operation—a purely internal matter—even though this is not covered by the Mutual Defense Treaty, Visiting Forces Agreement and Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement?

a. This is covered by the Mutual Defense Treaty and the Visiting Forces Agreement. Tanong n’yo pa kay Del Rosario.
b. The Law of Nature. Natural akong tuta ng Kano.
c. Murphy’s Law – anything that can go wrong will.
d. There is no legal basis. This is a classic case of US intervention in our internal affairs which we tolerate because of our colonial mentality.

  1. What was the extent of the participation of the Joint Special Operations Task Force-Philippines in the Mamasapano operation?  Why did the JSOTF close down on Feb. 24, 2015?

a. It was just intelligence sharing plus they helped in extricating our trapped SAF troopers. I don’t know why they closed down.
b. They weren’t involved. This was a 100% Filipino operation. Did JSOTF really close down?
c. Guni-guni lang ng mga anti-US activists yan.
d. The US were involved in the whole operation – from intelligence gathering, funding, training, equipment, real time intelliegence, operational command and extrication of SAF troops. Kunwari lang ang pagsara ng JSOTF.

  1. So sino ang may kasalanan ng lahat ng ito?

a. Si Napeñas.
b. Si Purisima.
c. Si GMA.
d. Eh di ako.#


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  1. Reblogged this on pedrolualhati and commented:
    Despite the lengthy explanations publicly delivered by the President Benigno Aquino in the previous weeks regarding the bloody operation in Mamasapano last January 25, most of the Filipinos are still unsatisfied. Even the families of slain cops are convinced that there are vital information being hidden by the government, especially on the question of president’s direct involvement and accountability. Makabayan bloc listed some of the questions the president should answer.

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