(First of two parts)

The emerging calls for the resignation of President Noynoy Aquino stems from the massive outrage over his lack of leadership in the bloody Mamasapano raid that led to the deaths of 44 PNP-SAF troopers, 18 MILF/BIFF fighters, and possibly eight civilians.

While it can be argued that the Palace-created board of inquiry is still ascertaining the truth about the incident, some elements are too glaring to ignore. Among them:

– Aquino broke the PNP chain of command by authorizing suspended PNP Chief Alan Purisima to take charge of the operation and by withholding the information from DILG Secretary Mar Roxas and PNP acting chief Leonardo Espina.

– Aquino was fully and regularly briefed of the operations and approved the flawed plan which included keeping units of the PNP and AFP clueless until the last minute, resulting in disastrous consequences. Purisima and SAF chief Getulio Napenas wouldn’t have dared to hide such a crucial detail from the President.

– The operation was hatched and implemented with the prodding, backing, support and actual participation of American intelligence and military/police operatives. Aquino put the SAF team in danger and risked the Mindanao peace process in accordance with directives from the US government.

– And worse, Aquino is washing his hands on the matter and his handlers are maneuvering a whitewash.

Perhaps it is Aquino’s penchant to cover up his failures which prevents him from showing even an iota of sincerity in his expressions of sympathy for the fallen government troops. He probably feels that showing even a hint of remorse would confirm the widespread suspicion of his guilt.

Still, the question that is asked nowadays is, should the President resign?

I say yes. But not only because of the Fallen 44.

The Mamasapano incident confirmed things that many of us already know: that the President is a US lackey and that he is incompetent, arrogant, and lacks leadership and people skills. Palpak at walang malasakit sa maliliit. Some say his world revolves around his kabarkada, kabarilan at kaklase.

But there is more to it than that.

Whatever his character traits, the truth of the matter is that President Aquino’s presidency is a failed one. It is a presidency whose “Daang Matuwid” has been twisted by DAP and PDAF; where “Inclusive growth” has benefited mainly the exclusive set; where “Public Private Partnership” is nothing but a sweetheart deal for close friends and campaign contributors; and where “Just Peace” amounts to the silence of critics and surrender of rebels.

Meanwhile, pork barrel politics is alive and kicking, political dynasties rule as strongly as ever, monopolies and oligopolies plus the BIR and LGUs suck the blood out of the masses, elections are rigged in favor of the moneyed and powerful while hoodlums in robes continue to hold sway in the corridors of the judiciary.

The Aquino presidency is more about keeping things the way they are, with some minor adjustments. Its like Dinky Soliman’s hair with its streak of neon for effect.

In other words, Aquino’s presidency is a presidency that we don’t need. It is a presidency that we don’t want. It is certainly a presidency that no country deserves.

(Next: If not PNoy, who? Or rather, what?)


8 thoughts on “PNoy resign, anyone?

  1. I totally agree with you, sir. The problem is, people are wary because of the circulating thought that if PNoy resigns or is impeached now, the Constitutional successor would be Binay, who they consider as “more corrupt.” I suspect that Malacanang is even fanning this. As long as people believe in this, Noynoy stays in power, and that’s scary. In my humble opinion, I’d rather have Binay for one year. Since he has an ambition to become president, he wouldn’t do anything to damage his name within this transitional period. I strongly suspect that he would use this opportunity to prove his capability and belie all the accusations against him, which would be beneficial to our country. Come election time in 2016, we are free to elect whoever we think would be best in leading our country. There is no rule or law that says that if Binay succeeds the president now, then he will automatically be the next President in 2016. I say it’s time to teach PNoy a lesson. There are many forms of corruption, and stealing money is just one of them. What PNoy has done with DAP/PDAF, and what he is doing now with SAF, Purissima, etc. are all forms of corruption and are much worse. Again, this is just my humble opinion, and I know that many would strongly disagree. I’m just a nobody who’s airing her sentiments because I’m concerned about our country. Tama na, sobra na!

    • Wanting Binay to be president even for one day is equivalent to suicide for the Philippines. P-Noy made a huge blunder and I lost some respect for him, but I would still rather have him than Binay. If Binay becomes president, corruption would come back in full force, the three stooges will be free, and Binay will become the next Marcos.

  2. The reason why Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy) won is because we’re tired of having 2 leaders charged with corruption. The Filipinos have “spoken” through their votes – that they’d rather have a WEAK PRESIDENT THAN A CORRUPT ONE.
    I don’t think this will gain traction. I also hope this sustains momentum long enough for people to vote for a BETTER President and VP at the helm.
    Then again – one can assume that if the President resigns, Binay can have a shot at it for ONE YEAR only. LOL.

  3. Teddy Casino and company, why are you so silent on issues regarding Binay? When the SAF incident and the fare hikes happened, you went to the streets immediately, but when Binay’s numerous scandals came out (the Alphaland deal, the Hacienda Binay issue, the Makati Science High School issue, etc.) came out, you were nowhere to be seen on the streets? And don’t tell me that you do but the media doesn’t report it. The media is always there when you have a rally. It’s highly unlikely they would not be aware of such a rally, if it happened.

    Also, this week, a Filipina was murdered, allegedly by an Australian. How come I have not seen Gabriela and company rally for her case?

  4. All these black propaganda, lame accusations. Mindanao crisis after mahuli ang ulo ng pork barrel scam, rallies , stories against PNOY annddd…… ang maagang pangongompanya ni Binay.
    parang connected lang eh. Di kaya pakana lang nila ito? At!!!!!! kasama sa plano nila ang Fallen 44. ISIP MGA PILIPINO.
    Hindi presidente ang problema dito kundi ang vice. Fallen 44 is a political crime. i wont be shock if one day assassinated din si PNOY.

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