Armed Forces chief-of-staff Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang wants the German fiance of murdered transgender Jennifer Laude deported for assaulting the “dignity of the country.” (see news article here)

The German national, Marc Suselbeck, flew all the way to the Philippines to attend Laude’s burial and to actively seek justice for his fiance of two years. Last Monday, he and Jennifer’s family and lawyer went to Camp Aguinaldo hoping to see the suspect in the killing, US Marine Pfc. Joseph Scott Pemberton. They were denied entry into the US-controlled facility where Pemberton was being held.

In her desperation, Laude’s sister Marilou climbed over the fence to get to Pemberton’s detention room. Suselbeck followed suit and had a brief scuffle with soldiers guarding the area. They failed to see Pemberton. Both Suselbeck and Marilou later apologized for their actions.

Still, DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima says Suselbeck will most likely be deported for his behavior, which the AFP chief of staff considers an assault on the country’s dignity.

An assault on our dignity. Yeah, right. Give me a break.

If the love of my life, the person who I would be marrying, was brutalized and drowned in a toilet bowl like Jennifer was, I would do more than climb a fence and push a guard just to see who the hell did it.

Nagpakita yung tao ng galit at pagkadismaya dahil sa nangyari sa kanyang mahal sa buhay. Masama ba yun?

Did Suselbeck destroy any property? No. Did he hurt the soldier he pushed? No. Did he do anything criminal? No. Maybe he violated camp rules on jumping over fences. Big deal.

Let’s put it this way: A Filipino citizen has been brutally murdered possibly by a US soldier whose custody remains with the US military. And yet it is the victim’s fiance who is now being accused of assaulting the country’s dignity all because in a moment of desperation, he jumped over a fence and pushed a Filipino soldier to see the suspect in the killing of his bride to be?

That’s hypocrisy right there, pure and nauseating as can be.

A foreigner has shown personal grief and outrage at the killing of a Filipino citizen by a US soldier. Instead of deporting Marc Suselbeck, maybe we should thank him for showing us how deeply we should feel about Jennifer’s death and the lengths we should go to for justice to be done.#


2 thoughts on “How Jennifer Laude’s fiance ‘assaulted’ our dignity

  1. teddy casino, that is ur opinion, at di ako sang ayon kasi walang takot ang mga foreigners sa law natin, and kund di mo sila bibigyan ng leksyon maraming tutulad … tapos ngangawa ka sa mga susunod kapag ikaw ang nabiktima baka kapg ikaw ang natulak sa bahay mo eh ewan ko lang…

  2. sana pantay ang pagtingin sa lahat tulad ng: foreigner ang pumatay pero hindi pwedeng parusahan at foreigner din ang nasaktan nagpakita ng emosyon at ngayon ay “masamang tao” dahil gusto ng katarungan? mabilis nating ayunan ang mga maling opinyon at pag-iisip laluna kung ang nagsisinungaling ay ang pinakamataas na tao sa bansa at ang kanyang mga alipores. itama natina ang mga maling opinyon. kung may krimen dapat parusahan. at kung yun humihingi ng katarungan ay tumalon sa bakod sige iditine nyo, ingudngod sa inidoro, lunurin at patayin tulad ng ginawa kay jennifer!

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