On Monday, August 25, National Heroes’ Day, thousands of Filipinos will be in Luneta from 6am-12nn for the “Stand Up, Sign Up Against All Pork Barrel” event. Here’s five reasons why you should be there too:

1. It’s a holiday, what better day to visit Rizal Park?

August 25 being National Heroes’ Day, there are no classes and offices. It’s the best time to make pasyal in a park. And what better park than Rizal Park, where you can visit the monument of our national hero Jose Rizal?

2. It’s good for your health.

The event starts at 6am with a short run along Roxas Blvd to be led by Fr. Robert Reyes. After that there will be zumba and tai-chi sessions led by volunteer professionals.

3. It’s good for the country’s health.

After the short exercises, you can sign up for the people’s initiative – a petition that seeks to gather six million signatures to enact a law abolishing the pork barrel system. Such a law will prohibit public officials from gorging on discretionary, lump sum appropriations (a.k.a. pork barrel funds) in the national budget. If the people’s initiative succeeds, we will have removed one of the pillars of the country’s corrupt political system.

4. You get to exercise your right to make a law.

Congress will never pass a law to abolish the evil pork barrel system and neither will the President propose it because they are the ones benefitting most from the political patronage and corruption that the system feeds. So if they won’t do it, YOU WILL!

That’s right. It’s not only congressmen and senators who can make laws. The Constitution provides for ordinary people like you and me to also propose and enact laws. This is called the people’s initiative. By signing up for the petition, you become a citizen lawmaker. Imagine that.

5. You become part of history.

This will be the first time that a people’s initiative will be conducted to propose and enact a law. By “standing up and signing up,” you become part of history. Go ahead, be a hero and take a selfie.#


2 thoughts on “Five reasons to ‘stand up, sign up’ on Monday, National Heroes’ Day

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