Why do I want President Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III impeached?

The basic reason is that by committing the unconstitutional and illegal acts under the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) and by entering into a military basing agreement with the US through the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), the President committed culpable violations of the Constitution and betrayed the public trust. (I will not bore you with the details, you can read the DAP complaint here and the EDCA complaint here.)

Under the Constitution, impeachment is the only way to hold the President accountable for his wrongdoings. We have tried the route of complaint, appeal and protest to no avail. We can’t file cases in court as he is immune from suit. We can’t remove him through the ballot since he only serves one term. And we certainly can’t expect him to resign.

But won’t the impeachment disrupt our daily lives and divide, rather than unite, our people? Won’t it destroy rather than build?

Sure, as if our daily lives are not disrupted enough by the failures of this government. Truth to tell, the skyrocketing prices of goods and services, the daily traffic, the rising criminality, the calamities made worse by government incompetence plus the whims of petty tyrants in various government agencies are probably more disruptive to our daily lives than the President’s impeachment. The biggest disruption will probably be in our regular TV programming.

As to the social divide, under this administration, the gap between the rich and poor, the ruler and ruled, the pro-PNoy and anti-PNoy has gotten wider by the day. I don’t see how the impeachment can cause something that is already there.

No, the impeachment will not wreck our lives. What it will do is rock the status quo. And by rocking the establishment to its foundations I hope enough cracks are formed, openings created, for fundamental changes in governance and policy to take place.

This impeachment is not just about Aquino’s accountability. More than that, it is the logical continuation of our people’s righteous fight against the pork barrel system, a system that President Aquino continues to defend despite the Supreme Court’s rulings on PDAF and DAP. This is important because even as I write this, the Palace and Congress have connived to create a new, discreet mechanism for legislators to access their pork barrel. Meanwhile, Aquino wants DAP to be institutionalized in the 2015 election budget.

In more ways than one, the impeachment of the President is an attack on a key element in the country’s system of patronage politics – the pork barrel system that puts billions of lump sum funds in the hands of politicians. By pushing for Aquino’s impeachment, I contribute to the effort to change a hopelessly corrupt system fueled by the pork barrel and lorded over by political dynasties, oligarchs and vested foreign interests. The impeachment represents a big blow to the Establishment that we all know is rotten to the core.

Ah, but surely this favors Jejomar Binay, an equally traditional, pork barrel-hungry politician?

Possibly. But even if it does, what of it? The decision on who succeeds Aquino was made by the voters in 2010. It is a reality we have to face. But Binay will face his own dose of reality – a vigilant public demanding an end to the pork barrel system exemplified by DAP and PDAF. An empowered citizenry demanding more from a government that is supposed to adhere to the Constitution and deserve the people’s trust.

I am for impeachment because I am for accountability. I am for impeachment because I want genuine change. Removing the Pork Barrel King is a first step.#

18 thoughts on “Why I want the President impeached

  1. You are in favor of impeachment, you are for accountability in public service and you want genuine change. Why not run for President then? Let us see if you and your groups can really make genuine and meaningful change in this country.

  2. Actually,Nick has a point. Pag naimpeach nga si PNoy at natanggal sa pwesto,sino ang papalit?Si Binay?Sigurado bang magiging magaling na presidente at hindi makakagawa ng kamalian tulad ni PNoy?Hindi.Ganoon din sa susunod na eleksyon,may susuportahan na kandidato,tapos after few years may magiging issue at babatikusin.Mas maganda kung kayo mismo(grupo niyo) ang tatakbo sa eleksyon,nang makita namin kung ano mga pinaglalaban ninyo.Kung magaganda ang mga pinaglalaban niyo,malay niyo baka maging supporter niyo pa ako.

  3. You’re so shallow. Gusto mo lang maupo sa pwesto. Gusto mo lang bumango ang pangalan mo. pero lalo lang bumabaho. Kahit anong gawin mo TEDDY CASINO, leftist ka pa rin. Kahit gaano kagaling na presidente nandun ka parin sa negative side. You should get a life you know. Ang baba ng tingin ko sayo. You’re not helping the country, binabastos mo. Ang kapal ng mukha mo.

  4. Yes. Binay is supposed to succeed the President if something happens to him. He’ll also inherit a presidency that is people are watching closely and full of liberal party legislators. There will be very little room for Binay to consolidate his power or to mismanage funds. He’ll probably have his hands tied running the country to run in the elections too. I’m all for the impeachment seeing that this is the kind of succession that will take place.

    • Magiging ganoon nga sihuro ang setting,mag babait-baitan si Binay.Eh after niya maubos ung term ni PNoy,ano na ang mangyayari?Dahil sa bait-baitan niya makakakuha siya ng simpatya sa mga tao,tapos magiging kurakot din.Nangyari na yan kay Gloria,sa una lang naging magaling.

  5. Teddy, can you please next time hold PEACEFUL protests? Kung may barikada na ang kapulisan natin, wag nang lumampas para dina kailangan bombahin pa ng tubing? Violent protest != More effective. You’ll earn more sympathy and the public will more likely to listen to your message. Just look at the recent violent protest for Gaza in France = condemned VS peaceful protests in the rest of the world

    • Tama,biglang eepal ang CHR na kesyo may violation daw ng human rights,eh sila ang nauna.Pero pag pulis ang nasaktan walang kaso sa kanila. Hindi naman sila pinigilan ng administrasyon na magsalita at iexpress at “freedom of speech” ang gusto lang naman natin eh kaayusan,na hindi naman nila ginagawa.

  6. Bakit, kung tatakbo ba si Teddy, mananalo ba siya? Alam niyo naman na marami ang nabubulag sa kung sino ang dapat iboto, kadalasa’y nadadala sa apelyido na lang. Sana mas maging kritikal tayo sa mga nangyayari.

    • Akala ko ba dapat hindi tayo natatakot na ipahayag ung ipinaglalaban natin. Kapag nagrarally sila, nageexpect ba sila na makuha nila ang simpatiya ng mga tao at makukuha nila ang gusto nilang mangyari?Sa tingin ko hindi naman. Sa opinyon ko magaapply din ang ganitong pananaw sa pagtakbo sa eleksyon.

      • HIndi natin alam kung tatakbo siya sa posisyon ng pagiging Pangulo. Pero natunghayan naman na noong tumakbo siyang senador, hindi naman siya nanalo. Ang sa akin lang, sana maging kritikal tayo sa mga bagay bagay. At bago magsalita ang mga tao laban sa isang tao ay dapat lubusan niyang naiintindihan ang mga nais nitong ipatupad at mga layunin. Muli, sana maging mas kritikal ang mga tao.

    • Nakuha ko ang punto mo,may kaniya-kaniya tayong opinyon🙂
      PS:Hindi ako basher ni Teddy Casiño at naiintindihan ko naman ang layunin niya(atleast dito sa usapin ng impeachment complaint).

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  8. Wala pa rin ang Filipino na magawa niyang ilahad lahat ang nalalaman niya left and right.. pareho pa rin lahat lahat na may hindi ma isabi at maging fully transparent left or right… mga pamamaran ay pareho pa rin ng dati… we are still part of a chaotic self serving world…

    EZEKIEL 22:30

  10. Kaya nga illegal act bakit kailangan ipagtanggol ang mali at tularan at isipin na ito ay tama. Dapat hindi pamarisan ang maling sinimulan at punot dulo ng PDAF

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