Of course Bong Revilla is trying to milk this incident down to its last drop and we ain’t seen nothing yet. Same with Jinggoy Estrada when his time comes. Both showbiz politicians will try to “turn a bad thing into a good thing” for the sake of their political careers. As for Enrile, he’s in the twilight of a long long career in politics and doesn’t need the dramatics, so he’ll be probably be focusing just on his legal defense.

In any case, it would be a good start to see these three men in jail. I say start because their arrest is just the first step in a long and arduous trial. The DOJ and Ombudsman took almost a year before filing a case with the Sandiganbayan. Guess how long it’ll take before a verdict is made. They might even be granted bail or placed under house or hospital arrest. And of course we demand that not only these opposition figures be charged. Lahat ng sangkot dapat managot!

So let’s not let our guard down and not be distracted by their antics. If I may modify an oft-quoted saying, “the price of justice is eternal vigilance.”#


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