The thing that really gets to me about the special treatment being accorded the VIP plunderers (ok, accused plunderers) is that it was the Aquino government itself, on its own, that thought it up. Did Senators Revilla, Estrada or Enrile know about the renovated officers quarters in Camp Crame? No. Did Napoles know about Erap’s old bungalow of a detention area in Laguna? No. And yet it was our government officials themselves that decided to detain them in these special facilities despite the initial public outcry on the special welcome given to Napoles by no less than PNoy and Mar Roxas when she, ah, surrendered.

If the Aquino government keeps this up, we’ll have the children of homeless families wishing to commit plunder so they can have their own condotel type jail to live in too, including free food, individual toilet with shower and a kitchenette. Who knows, they might even be allowed to bring in their own cooler too, filled with ice cold beer.#


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