I am Teddy Casiño and I am running for the Senate.

It has been a hectic two years preparing for the three-month senatorial campaign. My wife kids me as her bedspacer while my two young boys say they miss their father. But it hit me that our OFW brothers and sisters are missing more milestones because their kids or siblings need them to survive.

For someone like me with no political pedigree and millions to spend, running for the Senate is an uphill battle. I knew of its sacrifices, the challenges we have to overcome. Well meaning friends advised me that after my stint in Congress, I should just take it easy and chase more realistic dreams. I’m still young, they said, and can pursure other endeavors. But I realized that others have much harder times pursuing simpler dreams, such as finishing high school or getting a regular job.

After having authored and co-authored 627 House bills and resolutions, people were telling me “Teddy, ikaw na!”  But knowing how a lot of Juans and Nenas are disgusted as I am with how the legislative branch of the government is, I realized it’s not yet time to stop.

I am Teddy Casiño and I am running for the Senate.

Yes, the system is dirty and has not benefited the ordinary folk. It has forced our brothers and sisters to lose faith in our country and leave for greener pastures abroad. The cynics are telling us to back down and just watch our taxes go to waste.

We may have the right to be cynical. How many years have we gone through this, anyway? Parang sanay na ang karamihan. But contrary to cynicism, our country still has hope. I believe every Filipino has something to gain and nothing to lose in the struggle for social reform.

I am Teddy Casiño and I am running for the Senate not because it will be my personal gain but because my victory will be a gain for ordinary folk like us. As I keep on saying, my run for the Senate is not about me. It’s about you and me, and the kind of representation we want in the Senate.

We have no illusions about the Senate. It is and will be a conservative and reactionary institution even with someone like me there. But with the broader people’s movement, we shall be a powerful team in pushing for reforms from within. We will be pushing laws for agrarian reform and national industrialization. For better access to basic goods and services, livelihood reforms and other agenda in our platform. We will raise awareness and create solutions, so that we can somehow make this government work for the people.

I appeal to everyone to not lose hope and express that hope through the simple act of voting. I offer myself as someone you can hope with and act with in making this country better.

I am Teddy Casiño and we — you, me and everyone else who aspires to make life better for the ordinary folk, are running for the Senate.


3 thoughts on “A Personal Appeal on #TeddyDay

  1. I am an OFW and I’ve been campaigning for you here in Kuwait with all the friends that I knew asking him to vote for you because I know that your heart is truly for the normal people. I am also trying to influence most of my friends in social networking site convincing them to vote for you, highlight some of the the important bills that you passed while you are in congress. Please tell me if there is still I can do in my own little way…

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