DEAR PH is an open letter campaign which tries to capture the sentiment of Pinoy netizens and voters on the upcoming elections and the promise of meaningful change in the country.

I agreed to be one of the convening bloggers of #DearPH: Notes for and by Pinoy Voters and help promote their national blog action day on April 29. The premise is simple and coincides well with what I stand for: netizen educating fellow voters on anything and everything about the 2013 elections.

Like most Pinoy netizens, I explored the world of social networking to help foster a more intimate connection with friends, colleagues and supporters. I’ve been using Facebook since 2008 and tweeting since 2009. It can never replace the real thing, but it’s convenient way to interact with constituents despite the hectic workload that comes with being a congressman.

You ask: why listen to and focus on the common folk on FB and Twitter when the biggest iconoclasts and celebrities are just a tag away in social media? Here are six reasons why the Karaniwang Tao deserves our eyes and ears:

  1. We are the majority of the population. This one’s a no-brainer, and you only need to listen to the commentary of manong jeepney driver, or your suki at the local talipapa to understand the plight of our kababayans.

  2. Experience is the best teacher and I continue to learn from the rich and concrete experiences of my fellow karaniwang tao as we face the challenges of everyday living. This is the very essence of “learning from the masses,” as what we activists would always say.

  3. The most innovative solutions to problems big and small come from us. For instance, a lot of the progressive legislation on human rights, environment, development, social services and governance we have formulated through the years emanated from the projects and advocacies of various people’s organizations and NGOs.

  4. The common folk gets things done. A lot of initiatives at the community level are light years ahead of governments and companies – from getting potable water to stopping destructive mining operations.

  5. When we make mistakes, we are most ready to set them right. That we are humble in the face of both achievements and setbacks speaks of sincerity in what we feel, think and do. You know that’s worth hearing out.

  6. They are most sincere in working for a better future. Our nation’s history shows how people of humble origin, such as the Great Plebeian Andres Bonifacio, were the hardest workers in carving out a nation out of a people oppressed (reminder: fix this phrase pa). The late and great Crispin ‘Ka Bel’ Beltran is a sterling example of a simple man who resolutely fought for social change.

This is why I am excited to read the open letters our fellow netizens will contribute come April 29. Whether it is a tip on how to choose our next leaders or a passionate exhortation for our fellow tweeps and netizens to go out and vote, I’d like to see them all. Malay niyo, kung papalarin, madala na natin sa wakas ang mga ito sa senado.



Remember: APRIL 29 is Dear PH Blog Action Day. You can visit the event website for details. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Help us spread the word!



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