Ano ang sinasayaw ko dito at sa aling kanta? Read on!

In “Jewels of the Pauper”, Father Dela Costa described the Filipino’s inclination to music as a treasure that we take pride of. True enough, we Pinoys show that love through singing and dancing. Who doesn’t know Gangnam Style, the Macarena of this decade? I’m also sure you’ve heard “Pusong Bato” being belted out by the young and old alike.

All monumental proof that people are united by music, whether as singers or dancers. Our affinity and talent for music is something worth sharing with everyone.

Ito yata ang rason bakit ang eleksyon ay mistulang pambansang piyesta ng mga sayaw at kanta. Pinoys seem to enjoy learning about candidates through song and dance. It has become an imperative for candidates to encapsulate their electoral agenda in 30 second-sound bites or jingles. Unfortunately, not all succeed while some merely bank on name recall. Last Song Syndrome (LSS) lang ang habol.

While a lot of campaign jingles are lifted from “formula” songs, our campaign jingle, “Pagbabago para sa Karaniwang Tao”, is an original track composed and performed by indie protest musician Karl Ramirez. He wrote the song originally for his upcoming album and later tweaked the lyrics for the campaign.

Without any bias, the track is very catchy. Team Teddy volunteers have been sharing stories of strangers in jeepneys using the “Pagbabago” song as ringtone or vendors humming the tune after their sortie rounds. Congratulations to Karl for causing LSS using meaningful lyrics calling for land reform, industrialization, wor

kers’ welfare and lower prices.

Taking cue from its catchy me

lody, Team Teddy eventually created their own dance steps with matching music video. We were surprised when friends different regions of the Philippines and the world started sending us their own choreography and dance videos.

As of writing, there are at least three versions of the ”Pagbabago” dance. I would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to send in your own dance video for our campaign jingle by March 30. Let’s compile them into one video and show the world that we are united as we dance and call for change for the ordinary people.

It’s time to dance like you have never done before. Sa saliw ng bagong awit ng pagbabago.#


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