Baguio is known for its cool breeze and its pine trees. When one says Baguio, peanut brittle and strawberries immediately come to mind. But this time, let’s look at the other great stuff found in Baguio.

After enjoying the colorful floats of the Panagbenga parade, I took a stroll from Session Road to the famed Public Market. The place was still jampacked with people but I knew I just had to look around and buy pasalubong.

When in Baguio, besides the strawberries and peanut brittle, try buying pinipig in the market. It goes well with tablea. Perfect for lazy afternoons, or in my case, quick breaks from the campaign.

Speaking of quick breaks: picnic lunch namin sa Burnham Park.

Speaking of quick breaks: picnic lunch namin sa Burnham Park.

Don’t forget to buy coffee beans in the market. They have different varieties that come from various regions in the country. Try mixing Benguet and Kalinga coffee beans for a different blend. The sellers will be glad to grind them for you, at no extra cost.

Other products worth checking out in Baguio are ube jam, fresh vegetables (although this is best purchased in Trinidad Valley), hand-woven fabrics, wooden crafts, among other things. And don’t forget to bring your own bayong or eco-bag. You won’t be using plastic and it’ll be easier to carry.

panagbenga_kim 260

And of course, let’s not forget the people.
Baguio’s cool climate easily complements the warm welcome of our kababayans. The people I met there made me feel right at home and and made sure I was comfortable. They will go an extra-mile just to make sure your stay is unforgettable.

Baguio may be a long trip from Manila but the long travel was worth it. Masarap talagang tumakbo sa lamig ng hangin at init ng bati ng mamamayan.#

Panagbenga with Love

To Baguio with Love.


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