Can we please stop bashing Ricky Lo already? Perhaps we’ll be better off imagining ourselves in his shoes and thinking, “what would I have asked?” Here’s my top ten:

1. The role of Fantine was pretty intense from where I sat in the movie house. I cried when you sang “I Dreamed A Dream.” Many of us wondered, is that really the girl from “The Princess Diaries?” What does it take for an actor to go into those depths of emotions?

2. Not many people, at least in my part of the world, knew you could sing and with such a beautiful, wonderful voice at that! Are you a trained singer or did it come naturally, being the daughter of a singer?

3. Fantine dies early in the movie and comes back as a ghost in the end. I’m sure the audience would have loved to see and hear more of you. We have a term for this in Filipino – bitin. Didn’t you think it was too short a role?

4. Aside from Fantine, which character would you have loved to portray? Why?

5. Performance-wise, people say its a toss up between you and Hugh Jackman. What can you say about fellow actor Hugh?

6. All the blockbusters now have a sequel or prequel. Will there be a Miserables 2? Seriously, can we expect another movie where we can hear you guys sing again?

7. Les Miserables is such a powerful novel. It inspired our national hero Andres Bonifacio to lead our own revolution against Spain. How relevant do you think is Victor Hugo’s message in today’s world?

8. I understand you’re an activist with your own causes as well. Did you treat this movie, your character, as simply another acting job or did you share the politics of it all?

9. Do you think people still care for social justice and revolution? Is it a lost cause?

10. Some say nothing compares to theater. But Les Miserables showed that movies can be as powerful, even more, than theater. Where does this leave theater?#


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