The Cybercrime law or Republic Act 10175 will not only curtail the right of internet users but of everyone who has a cellphone because it covers text messages and calls as well.

Based on Section 3(c) of the Cybercrime law, communication covered by the law refers to the transmission of information through ICT media, including voice, video, and other forms of data.

Section 3(d) meanwhile defines computers and computer system covered by the law as “any type of computer device including devices with data processing capabilities like mobile phones, smart phones, computer networks and other devices connected to the Internet.”

Section 6 further broadens the laws coverage to include “all crimes defined and penalized by the Revised Penal Code, as amended, and special laws, if committed by, through and with the use of information and communications technologies…”

This practically means that communications and data on any type of phone or ICT device are covered by this very repressive law.

This means if I text my friends that a certain candidate is a “cheap, second-rate, trying hard copycat,” that person can haul me to court for violating the Cybercrime Law and have me locked up for 10 years.

True, the case may eventually be dismissed but the mere possibility that one can be charged for online libel is enough to silence ordinary people and stop them from expressing critical ideas.

This law is straight out of George Orwell’s novel “1984” and it seems to be a reaction of repressive governments against the almost instantaneous transmission of critical information like what happened in the so-called Arab Spring.

Para talagang pang-Martial law ang batas na ito at binubusalan tayo sa mga gusto nating sabihin sa pamamagitan ng internet at telepono. May kinalaman kaya ito sa nalalapit na eleksyon para di mabanatan ang mga kandidato?

In effect, the Cybercrime Law wants to regulate our conversations and even how we think.#


11 thoughts on “Cybercrime law covers text and calls as well

  1. I agree that there are a lot of things wrong with RA10175, but do you favor repeal or revision?

    Right now, people online are talking about RA10175 like it’s an online libel law only. I wish people would read the actual RA and then rant away.

    I don’t always agree with you, but you have my vote. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment. I favor revision of the law to remove provisions on online libel, takedown of websites and surveillance without a court order, and arbitrary increase in penalties for all crimes using ICT. In fact, Rep. Mong Palatino and I filed such a measure last week, HB 6613.

  2. this law breaks our so called “privacy”..and the senators who voted to pass the cyber crime law didn’t realize that most of the people will appeal to junk it..especially the president…I think that he didn’t even read before he signed the law..oh well maybe he doesn’t want the people to expose the corrupt government officials’ schemes

  3. It’s my understanding that public figures cannot charge you with libel. A candidate makes himself a public figure. So do media personalities, politicians, and and some if not all law enforcement.

  4. cyber bullying and libel can be used to frame up individuals who they hate. Unlike before you can just ignore/block those messages and move on. With this you can be prosecuted because someone used your identity to slander and bully anyone.

  5. I will surely not vote for all those Senators who signed this cybercrime law and I will also campaign not to vote them! The Freedom of Information Bill should be passed into law since it is the obligation of every appointed and elected government officials na maging bukas sa mga taxpayers and information para maiwasan ang corruption! Pero ang nangyari kaming mga taxpayers ang bubusalan kung kami ay magrereklamo laban sa kanila! Nasaan na ang pangako ninyong mga politiko nuong campaign period 2010 tungkol sa FOI bill? As usual promises are made to be broken especially by politicians!

  6. Dami kasi nagmamagaling, gusto irenovate ang isang bahay na hindi naman sila ang nakatira. Maganda intention ng Law pero hindi nila pinag aralan mabuti, na it could work the other way around. Hindi nga nila ata alam ang FLAMEBAIT eh tapos gusto nila gumawa ng batas na hindi nila alam pasikot sikot.

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