Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casiño, is proposing a novel solution to the Mindanao power shortage and the impending power crisis in Luzon – build a million solar powered roofs in 10 years.

Casiño, author of House Bill 5405 or the proposed One Million Solar Roofs Act, said that Congress should fast track the bill which provides incentives and financing facilities to ordinary electricity consumers like residences, offices and small to medium business establishments who want to put up their own solar power systems.

Casiño’s bill will allow homeowners and entrepreneurs to take out loans from Pag-Ibig, GSIS, SSS and other financial institutions to purchase solar panels and pay the amount from the ensuing savings in their electricity bills.

“In this way, we hit three birds with one stone – we build additional supply of power; liberate ourselves from expensive, dirty and imported fossil fuels; and develop the local renewable energy industry. It is really the way to go,” he said.

According to the lawmaker, “Government should think out of the box and go beyond the big developer mentality in dealing with the power crisis. Solar power technology now allows electricity consumers to be producers themselves. So rather than giving the President emergency powers to ink sweetheart contracts again with the big players, why not empower consumers to produce their own energy through solar power? ”

“Our bill also allows these solar powered households and small firms to feed in their unused power to the grid during peak midday hours at a cost cheaper than existing diesel peaking plants. In the National Capital Region (NCR), some peaking plants sell at as high as P30/kWh while solar can come in at half that price,” Casiño revealed.

He said the amount sold by the solar power producer can be offset from their monthly electricity bills via the net metering mechanism as proposed in the bill.

“Solar technology can be an immediate and sustainable way to deal with the country’s energy problems, especially with the abundance of solar energy throughout the country and the modular nature of solar energy systems,” said the progressive solon.

“Besides the country being second in Southeast Asia in terms of irradiation and insolation, we already have the foundation to become a renewable energy leader in the region owing to the strong semi-conductor industry and the manpower base serving in the manufacturing and service sectors, especially the installers sub-sector,” he added

“With government harnessing the solar resources of the country and providing for incentives for massive deployment of solar energy systems, the prospects of attaining energy independence from oil companies and significantly lowering electricity prices in the medium-term are realizable,” said the lawmaker.

As the Aquino administration admitted that the power problem in Mindanao had been neglected for years and as things develop a power crisis is looming in Luzon in the next 2 years Rep. Casiño proposed that the “government should invest in solar power to promote energy stability and independence from imported energy sources, mitigate global warming and air pollution and encourage industry growth that will lead to more jobs and lower electricity bills,”

“Ito ay isa sa mga bago at malikhaing paraan para lutasin ang problema sa enerhiya kaya dapat paspasan na agad ng Kongreso ang pag-apruba sa 1 Million Solar Roofs bill para mapigilan ang krisis. Lalo tayong mamomroblema kapag babagal-bagal tayo sa pagkilos,” ended Casiño. # # #


5 thoughts on “To solve impending power crisis, Casiño proposes one million solar powered homes and businesses in 10 years

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