News Release
November 30, 2011

Bayan Muna seeks to intervene in SC on GMA’s electoral sabotage case
Says GMA has to be tried for election rigging during her term

Bayan Muna partylist congressmen Teddy Casiño and Neri Colmenares are seeking to intervene in the ongoing Supreme Court deliberations on the constitutionality of the joint DOJ-COMELEC panel to investigate the 2004 and 2007 elections, saying the body is crucial in efforts to hold the former president and her accomplices accountable for massive electoral cheating that affected even the party list elections.

In a motion to intervene filed last Monday, Nov. 28, the lawmakers raised four arguments in support of the joint panel and its actions: 1.)There is no violation of equal protection clause in the creation of the Joint DOJ-COMELEC Fact Finding Team and Preliminary Investigation Committee; 2.)The proceedings before the Joint DOJ-COMELEC Fact Finding Team and Preliminary Investigation Committee do not constitute a violation to the right to due process of Petitioner; 3.)There was no encroachment of legislative and judicial powers in the creation and conduct of the Joint DOJ-COMELEC Fact Finding Team and Preliminary Investigation Committee, nor was there emasculation of the independence of COMELEC; 4.)The Joint DOJ-COMELEC Preliminary Investigation Committee has authority to conduct a preliminary investigation of the 2004 and 2007 National Elections Electoral Fraud and Manipulation cases
In their petition, the congressmen said: “Former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has a lot to answer for in terms of vote rigging in the past elections and we from Bayan Muna were among those parties that were cheated. As representatives we have the duty to ensure that the law is obeyed. Most importantly as representatives of the marginalized and voiceless in our country it is our duty to protect their rights, in this case their case of suffrage.”

“Bayan Muna was witness to the massive election fraud during the special canvassing of 2007 senatorial and party list elections in the province of Maguindanao, having sent its then General Counsel Atty. Neri Colmenares to the special canvassing in June of 2007. Bayan Muna witnessed how senatorial candidates and progressive party list groups like Bayan Muna were victims of electoral fraud in precincts that registered not only hundred percent votes for a single senatorial and party list slate, but also, registering a votes for the said slate, exceeding the total number of voters in a precinct by as much as 500% or more,” their petition read.

“The Comelec, under then Chairman Benjamin Abalos, defied all objections and persisted in counting 500 or 800 votes from precincts when under their very own Comelec rules there is only a maximum of 300 voters for each of the said precincts. The Comelec, under then Chairman Abalos, counted Certificates of Canvass from municipalities registering not just 100% turn out but even more than the total number of voters for the said municipalities,” said the lawmakers.

Bayan Muna has lodged its protests and complaints against electoral fraud with the Comelec but to no avail. No one has so far been convicted. This time we demand nothing less we want GMA and her cohorts jailed for subverting the people’s will,” said Casiño.#


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